Welcome to Maxim Edge Media.  We started this business nearly 10 years ago and had almost 5 years prior experience marketing online.  We have owned different businesses and experienced several different marketing methods;  Some worked, some didn’t.  We realized that if we wanted to reach a larger target market for less money and get the people that were actually looking for what we were selling, Internet Marketing was the key.

We  now specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Google Local.  If you want targeted traffic to your website, SEO is the answer.  We have helped small, medium, large and Franchise businesses across the United States and Canada with their Online Campaigns.  We believe in quick, professional communication, on-time reporting and of course results.   If you have any questions about Internet Marketing, SEO, Google Local or Web Design, give us a call at 720-341-4655.

Courtney and Randy Neale